Blockchain Voting In India: Illusion Or Reality?

Apart from the fact that this is a tedious process from a management perspective, the provenance also gets affected. Therefore, a more practical way is to utilize the strengths of blockchain technology. Furthermore, it would also enable the stakeholders to view the provenance of each decision, as to who overrode a clause, the reason, the timestamp, and the outcome as well.

what is blockchain voting

But unfortunately, in most cases, they don’t have the training and can’t react to it properly when in need. For example, these are some of the potential crisis in a voting – non-delivery of critical materials, natural disaster, too much voter crowd, violence or disturbance, and so on. That’s why taking the voting system online can really change the scenario here. Not only does this discourage people, but it also prevents getting all the precious votes in due time.

Lack of Proper Technology Integration

The government will observe how votes were cast and recorded, but this information will not be restricted to policy. The blockchain voting system is decentralized and completely open, yet it ensures that voters are protected. This implies that anybody may count the votes with blockchain electronic voting, but no one knows who voted to whom. Standard electronic voting and blockchain-based electronic voting apply to categorically distinct organizational ideas.

  • Because the transactions are public, the user’s identity may be discovered by examining and analyzing them.
  • Because while most people have some kind of ID, it’s worth remembering that not everyone has a spare $50 for a driver’s license.
  • The company uses the blockchain technology with a token-based system to control the voting system, ensuring one person matches with one unchangeable vote.
  • The idea of improving voting with the technology popularized by bitcoin dates back to at least 2012.
  • But like we said earlier, a blockchain-based voting system could allow for monthly or even weekly opinion polls or referenda on all of the major and local issues.

So, even if the management offers their utmost security, bad players in the system can get their hands on the ballot papers and ensure that the voting is in their favor. We will go thoroughly through the sector’s existing issues and how blockchain can offer its solution to solve them. Since then, several companies have begun developing blockchain voting tools. It should be decentralized i.e if one server goes down or something happens on a particular node, other nodes can function normally and do not have to wait for victim node’s recovery. People visit the nearest polling center and wait in line for their turn to vote. They go to the private booths and choose a preferred candidate before dropping the voting slip into the ballot box.

Later you receive a receipt for your vote straight to your phone, which allows you to check that your decision was registered correctly onto the blockchain. Once everyone’s voted, the final count is available straight away, and the digital ballots can be audited simultaneously by all the relevant agencies and regulators. Someone on the other end then checks your ID and video and certifies that you are exactly the same person you claim to be. Now that your identity is confirmed, your digital ballot arrives, so you can simply pick whichever candidate you want to vote for, and your vote is then written to the blockchain. It is shared across several computers that are linked together via a peer-to-peer network.

Zikr: In The Light And Shade Of Time

Obviously, this is a really simplified and purely hypothetical example, but it should give you an idea of what a blockchain-voting system might look like. In theory, a blockchain-based voting system could work in exactly the same way for referendums, opinion polls, and national elections. At the moment, they are planning to use this technology for their future voting schemes. Also, they want to make sure that the system is tamper-proof and 100% secured before they officially integrate into their system. In reality, the Authorities of Moscow is running an electronic voting pilot project since 2019.

Hundreds of years ago, voting used to be very simple because the governments were not departmentalized, and everything used to be centrally controlled by a few prominent faces. However, in the current century, there is a department for every aspect of governance. This leads to a very complex scenario where, in order to devise a regulatory framework, several department heads have to sit together to coin a policy.

what is blockchain voting

However, there are still many places in the world that do not integrate technology into their system. More so, the lack of proper technology integration can decrease the overall efficiency of the performance of the voting stations. It’s also quite impossible to maintain all of the votes just with human resources as they tend to make a lot of mistakes.

First of all, you will have to go to your jurisdiction and request mobile voting. If the election coordinator supports the voting process through blockchain, then you can get your ballot paper directly to your smart device. You’ll see that voting in the U.S. will take in civilians who will check voter identity, check them in, verify whether they are eligible, or troubleshoot any technical issues. In reality, this is a hectic role to take on during the election time as there are millions of people all at once. One of the basic problems of today’s voting system is the use of paper ballots. Although we are using technology in a lot of aspects of our lives, this major sector still uses a legacy system that’s been going on for generations.

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This technique leads to erroneous selections due to the central authority’s dishonesty , which is difficult to rectify using existing methods. The decentralized network may be used as a modern electronic voting technique to circumvent the central authority. Engineers across the globe have created new voting techniques that offer some anti-corruption protection while still ensuring that the voting process should be correct. Technology introduced the new electronic voting techniques and methods , which are essential and have posed significant challenges to the democratic system. Electronic voting increases election reliability when compared to manual polling. In contrast to the conventional voting method, it has enhanced both the efficiency and the integrity of the process .

An engineer, a gadget-freak, and a perfection fanatic – the ideal combination of a tech-nerd! This Enterprise Blockchain Analyst seems to have an unfathomable interest in blockchains, which makes him perfect for sharing his new discoveries on 101 Blockchains. However, it will automatically verify and streamline the whole process effectively when you are doing it online. More so, you also have to make sure all these workers are honest and do not any connection to any political party in the vote.

Even though the election still used paper ballots, Agora’s system was still useful, because it posted the results of the election five days before the official count was finished. As we just mentioned in our hypothetical blockchain election, counting votes stored on a blockchain would take considerably less time than counting paper ballots. In fact, live and auditable vote count would be available on election night, which would save us from a week of impatiently watching the news to find out who won. Estonian Government is one of the first blockchain based voting examples using this tech for some time now. More so, not only in voting, but they are also using this technology in smart cards and facilitating many governmental services. So, mass people can see in real-time how much vote which party is getting.

After that, a robust yet automated system needs to ensure the compliance of voting events in the long run as well. For instance, to give you more idea, a hacker could get his hands on a database of voters in a constituency and wipe off a few thousand records. As a result, when these voters visit the polls, they won’t be able to vote for anyone as the system won’t be able to detect them. I believe the main obstacles to voting digitally are verifying identity online and risk of hacking. US Vote offers actionable answers to domestic voter questions and overseas voter issues.

In this final blog post in our Building Trust in Democracy series, we will explore the various ways blockchain technology might help democracies conduct effective elections . Given the particular sensitivity of election administration, we conclude with a few special considerations to help election officials understand the risks of integrating new technologies into elections. There are already companies working to bring blockchain to the voting populace. One such firm is Horizon State, which has launched a unique solution to answer the question, “If democracy was designed with today’s technology, what would it look like? In the decade since its inception, blockchain was mostly tied to the success of the technology that created it, bitcoin.

Application of Blockchain In Voting

The ledger is not centralized , which prevents it from being altered by a single authority. To avoid this, if system is integrated with blockchain- a special property called immutability protects system. But in a blockchain you can just insert data but cannot update or delete. Hence when you insert something, it stays there forever and no one can manipulate it- Thus name immutable ledger.

As further research is required, we are not entirely aware of all the risks connected with the security and scalability of blockchain-based electronic voting systems. Adopting blockchain voting methods may expose users to unforeseen security risks and flaws. Blockchain technologies require a more sophisticated software architecture as well as managerial expertise.

This attack is potentially more concentrated and did not discuss scalability and delays in electronic voting, which are the main concerns about the blockchain voting system. They have used the Multichain framework, a private blockchain derived from Bitcoin, which is unsuitable for the nationwide voting process. As the authors mentioned, their system is efficient for small and medium-sized voting environments only.

Although such events have never taken place in blockchain-based voting systems, the probability should not be ignored. Since these systems are decentralized and value the anonymity of all users, the attacks could also be scalable and undetectable. It could Equity Management Software for Service Providers Diligent Equity be anything ranging from that to conducting a poll on the internet. Since each use case has its own set of requirements that could be quite different in nature and implementation, it is essential to treat them fairly at the code and architecture level.

Hussien H., Aboelnaga H. Design of a secured e-voting system; Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Computer Applications Technology ; Sousse, Tunisia. Voting systems can track and restore voting information to prevent errors, delays, and attacks. The piece of text below is a shortened, hashed representation of this content. It’s useful to ensure the content hasn’t been tampered with, as a single modification would result in a totally different value. Alternatively, online banks have gotten very good at confirming identities online, by checking passports and other IDs, and comparing photographs. If it is good enough for financial institutions, it should be good enough for democracy.

Blockchains’ immutable quality allows any two parties to interact without needing an intermediary to ensure they both play by the rules. In this case, they both know that neither one can alter or rewrite any past data on the chain. After you are done voting, you will receive some sort of confirmation that you have just voted. In reality, the managers have to react quickly and solve the issues as fast as possible in case of any emergencies. In reality, the voting managers need to have previous training in how to handle the situation. Well, the voting operations management is not in good shape at the moment.

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